Wilhite and Associates is a targeted, boutique law firm.  The firm represents the multi-family housing industry in all aspects, from Fair Housing defense to litigation and evictions.

To manage so many clients with so many units the firm has a well-developed system of non-lawyer associates working at a reduced cost under the supervision of attorney Jeff Wilhite. Mr. Wilhite understands the firm’s leadership starts with him, but is daily equally proud that clients understand and value that the firm’s culture is “institutionalized”. As self-confident as one would expect any lawyer to be, Mr. Wilhite is elated when clients joke that the associates are critical and he’s just the “show-pony.”

Because of the firm’s focus on the industry – and because of the Play To Win culture – they have grown as measured by the thousands of units represented by their client base. The firm wants to remain client-focused and reliable, so the firm restricts a lot of growth opportunities. The firm represents the multi-family housing industry – but not just any landlord. Wilhite and Associates respectfully declines requests to be retained frequently and limits the clients they accept. While the firm has a significant number of client units, because they limit their practice area and limit the clients they accept, Wilhite and Associates is proud that their relatively small size allows them to be nimble, fast and efficient.

The firm daily helps with the day-to-day needs of the multi-family housing industry – an industry that Wilhite and Associates is proud to represent.

Industry Commitment

Wilhite and Associates’ focus on the multi-family housing industry is evidenced by a long and deep involvement in the industry.

It is important to get immersed in the industry represented – to understand the issues that clients have to deal with. Wilhite and Associates is very involved with the multi-family housing industry.

Wilhite teaches legal topics to the industry nation-wide. Wilhite and Associates has taught courses and seminars to the industry on legal issues for over 25 years. Wilhite wrote a Landlord-Tenant Legal Handbook. Wilhite has taught the Legal Responsibilities Modules of NAA’s Certified Apartment Manager course and the legal sections of the National Association of Leasing Professionals certification course. His hometown city contracts with Wilhite to teach a citywide legal seminar for landlords twice a year.

Because of his relevant government and politics background, Jeff Wilhite shows his industry commitment on legislative issues. While a County Attorney for a municipality, Wilhite drafted and negotiated legislation on behalf of his government client. His tenure as a County Attorney enhanced an instinct to be curious and sensitive to government legislation and regulation at all levels, many of which have significant impacts on the multi-family housing industry. When he represented the local government entity, Wilhite was also a member of the state Association of Counties and Municipal Lawyers Association.

Wilhite was very active in politics early in his career.  As a precinct committeeman, he was quite active in campaigns and with the Central Committee.  His statewide involvement included convention experience and chairing a ten-county task force.  His national political involvement included being a grass roots organizer and chief spokesman for a U.S. Congressional candidate who was elected and then the transition team work in D.C. (yes, he got Potomac Fever).

Wilhite is familiar with government not only from a public policy and technical law standpoint as government legal counsel, but also sensitive to the many practical political and relationship aspects of government. Wilhite continues to be regularly comfortable understanding and working with elected and appointed governmental officials.  He demonstrates support for the multi-family housing industry by helping good legislation, and working to prevent unwanted language.  Wilhite has lobbied at congressional offices in Washington DC specifically to advocate for the industry. Jeff Wilhite has participated in multiple national industry Governmental Affairs and Legal Symposiums. Wilhite has represented the industry on such public commissions as an Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Workgroup.

The firm is committed to helping the multi-family housing industry on legislative issues.  The firm advises clients and assists with communications on issues related to ordinance, statutes and regulations with unique effects on the industry, and others with unanticipated effects on the industry.

In addition to the more formal industry involvement, the firm as a practical matter routinely stays abreast of industry issues. They attend all sorts of events and read a wide variety of industry material and articles. Formal or informal, the firm is committed to the multi-family housing industry.