Professional Headshot-1Attorney Jeff Wilhite is by background, and nature, a trial attorney.  Since beginning practicing law in 1984 with a large firm, Wilhite has always been a trial lawyer.  He served as local jury trial counsel for eight years for his home state’s Attorney General.  Jeff would frequently serve as Judge Pro-Tempore in a Trial Court.  Wilhite is licensed in two states and admitted in United States District Court. He was the first lawyer in his hometown to use a computer in the courtroom.  Wilhite has substantial jury trial experience.  He has received significant verdicts.

Knowing he wanted to be a persuasive litigator, Wilhite received a bachelor’s degree, with distinction, in psychology.  He graduated Phi Beta Kappa.  He received several national collegiate debating honors.  He then received his law degree from Indiana University, Bloomington.  Consistent with his trial focus, in law school he was a Law Clerk for a Trial Judge.

Before focusing on the multi-family housing industry, Wilhite litigated for companies in diverse industries, often complex commercial litigation including significant jury trials.  Wilhite’s client base included being counsel for companies such as Disney, Associated Press, Ameritech, a television production company, car dealership, coal companies, barge companies, contractors, and a large number of insurance companies. Wilhite no longer continues with professional associations that pre-date his commitment to the multi-family housing industry, but those associations reflect his focus from the beginning on trial lawyering and representing companies.

Wilhite increasingly grew his representation within the multi-family housing industry over the years and has substantially represented this industry now for a long time.  Wilhite’s industry representation has spanned over twenty-five years.  He established his own firm in 1995.