We historically file hundreds of evictions annually.  We have seen pretty much everything there is to see – many times.  We have substantial emergency eviction experience.  We have experience on how bankruptcy filings affect, and sometimes do not affect, getting possession through an eviction.

The firm instinctively demonstrates sensitivity to the importance of speed in evictions.  A property’s most critical goal is usually to regain possession of the unit just as quickly as possible.  Resuming possession “cuts the loss” of keeping bad residents and opens the unit sooner for a better new resident. A community of residents also learns of the fast or slow pace of evictions and tends to respond accordingly.  If a property can clearly show its residents that lease violations consistently result in swift evictions, an ancillary benefit is to cause more lease compliance.

Most of the firm’s evictions are of course geographically near the firm’s office, but because of the firm’s experience, clients retain the firm to do challenging evictions far away from the firm’s office.