Fair Housing comprises a significant portion of the firm’s practice.  Fair Housing is a treacherous area, especially because it includes technical requirements and liability for even unintentional discrimination. Wilhite regularly defends Fair Housing Complaints.

Armed with significant Fair Housing defense experience, the firm advises and counsels clients on Fair Housing issues. Sometimes there is just an assertion of a violation before a formal Complaint is filed that requires advice.  Sometimes a client might fear or wonder if there is a Fair Housing issue.  The firm assists with requests for reasonable accommodations and modifications, and reviews policies with Fair Housing implications.

Consistent with the firm’s Fair Housing experience, the firm also has a national seminar show: Fair Housing: Play  To Win. The nationally touring Fair Housing seminar show has been booked across the country from New York to Oklahoma, with the east coast, southeast, south and midwest in between. Here is the link the touring seminar show:

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